Why Bio Coin

Biocoin is creating a worldwide decentralized database of builders and developers in real estate space, the information that is 100% transparent, reliable, and accessible by everyone. This database is blockchain based, which will guarantee that the information in it has not been faked, changed, or deleted. The blockchain guarantees full transparency and builds trust in the system.

Information is captured from country registries/government organisation/market survey, insurance and leasing companies, different partnered services, private registers, paid APIs, and certified members. Information is also captured directly from the Builders and developers, so the data is live and updated in real time.

Our platform is an open system and anyone can join and benefit from our network. Biocoin will provide you with 100% reliable and accurate information about the real estate you’re going to buy, so you can be absolutely sure that you are getting the best deal by using biocoin!

About Bio Coin

BIOONLINE PTE LTD., a company incorporated in Singapore, registered vide UEN no. 201733578C with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), having registered office at 14-2, The Arcade, Singapore. BIOONLINE PTE LTD., is the first Real estate company in the world, equitize by Cryptocurrency. An Indian Group entity of Bioonline Pte Ltd is Bio Estate Solutions Pvt. Ltd, SINCE 2008 is incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. A fast growing Realty Business Group. Major focused on affordable apartment complex, N.A. Plots Bungalows, Row Houses. Area of operation Maharashtra, Goa & Uttar Pradesh (UP). ”BIO ESTATE SOLUTIONS” is a household name across the country. Founder, Chairman & MD. CA. SHIVAJI WALAKE FCA, ACS, L.L.B, CISA (USA), CIA (USA) PAST SR. VICE-PRESIDENT OF CITIBANK NA, USA has launched a Biocoin by incorporating a limited company, “Bioonline Pte. Ltd.” from Singapore.

BIOONLINE PTE LTD. has launched a cryptocurrency called Biocoin to revolutionize Real Estate industry. Biocoin is a crypto currency, a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to control its creation and management.

Biocoin is a new cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum Blockchain that will be distributed through our channel partners and made available to everyone, anytime, anywhere. This is the core of our business, and real estate developers will be at the center of our strategy. Biocoin is the First cryptocurrency to revolutionize Real Estate industry, synergies between the reach of real estate developers and the fast, borderless nature of Blockchain technology. Biocoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange for real estate industry without any restriction.

Introducing the Bio Coin APP

Biocoin Mobile Wallet enables Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, two step verification along with a 4 digit security pin. Biocoin also provides the users to exchange our coins using fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies. You can download our wallet app from Playstore or iTunes which provides you easier transactions of Biocoin thus sending and receiving our cryptocurrency is just a click away.

White Paper

Biocoin is a peer to peer transferable and absolutely secured digital e-cash for users to make payment for real estate purchase, utility bill payments, online shopping, insurance, etc. Biocoin will help investors make right choice of investments on real estate properties, eliminate middle agents and unnecessary charges.

Our whitepaper will give you more insights on Biocoin business plan, features and benefits for its users.

White Paper

The Biocoin Whitepaper gives framework based on community feedback, business strategy refinement, and legal counsel.

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Road Map


Builders and Developers

  • Approved builders and developers
  • Home loan/Loan against Property services

Home loan & Loan properties

  • Free Balance transfer
  • Loan from all Banks/NBFC, 0% processing Fees,
  • Free Biocoin (for Rs.10 lakhs Loan - Rs. 4000/- worth Biocoin)
  • 20% more loan eligibility

Home Loan / Loan against Property Services

  • Free Balance transfer
  • Loan from all Banks/NBFC, 0% processing Fees,
  • 20% more loan eligibility
  • Free Biocoin ( Get Rs. 4000/- worth free biocoin for every 10 Lacs loan onwards * your loan amount)
  • For Home Loan Enquiry Contact Mrs.Samina Shyamwala : 9619039950

Any Life Insurance and General Insurance Services

  • Upto 30% of premium amount, Biocoin will be accepted.
  • For More Details Contact Mr.Mukesh Udani: 9323160858

Contact Us


  • #14-02, The Arcade, 11 Collyer Quay Singapore, 049317
  • Email: info@biocoinworld.com
  • Local Telephone: +6562406981